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Forest Service on the right track with hazard tree removal

It's not always easy to find fans in the category “things federal agencies do,” but it's hard not to be on board with the recent U.S. Forest Service announcement that hazard-tree removal is moving near the top of their list. Last week, the Forest Service said it will expand a $15 million project to remove beetle-killed trees from in the White River National Forest as well as the Arapaho-Roosevelt and Medicine Bow-Routt forests. 

Year of the Beetle?

Ten years from now, 2007 might be known as the "Year of the Beetle," even though the pesky little critter was invading our forests a decade ago. The past 364 days saw local, state and federal government officials talk about the "pine beetle," while most of our hillsides became their favorite meal. 

Beetle-battle panel created

When Dan Gibbs, a first-term legislator from Silverthorne, began talking to people at the Capitol last year about the beetle epidemic that is drastically reshaping Colorado's forests, he said a Front Range colleague stared back at him dumbfounded.

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