Upcoming Meetings, 2011!

Unless otherwise stated, the Forest Health Task Force meets on the second Thursday, monthly from 7:30-9am. Following are the tentative meeting topics for 2011:

April — This meeting will be a morning event from 7:30 to 9:00 am, Thursday, April 14, 2011 in the Frisco Community Center. We will be discussing what markets for salvaged lodgepole pine are viable and sustainable, what impact new technologies and improved transportation options could have on Colorado's timber industry, and what ways the Forest Health Task Force might help.

May — Educational outreach and communications. Focusing on recreation aspects, the meeting could feature the Choose Outdoors environmental plan as well as the Forest Service's communications plan.

June — Future forests. The meeting will look at the impact of climate change and human impacts, and what can be done to promote healthy forests, particularly under changed conditions in a world with limited resources.

July — Colorado Bark Beetle Cooperative. The meeting will give the organization a chance to share their mission.

August — Roundtable on forest health. Colorado State Forest Service, the Colorado State University Summit County Extension, and the Forest Restoration Institute will be featured.

September 8— Wood utilization. New faces in the blue-pine market will be revealed, such as West Range Restoration, the Colorado State University Wood Utilization Institute, some out-of-state players and more.

September 15Forest restoration and monitoring from noon to 1:30

October — Forest health projects. The meeting will focus on how projects are tailored toward safety and protection for homeowners and infrastructure.

November — Youth involvement. A main partner at this meeting should be the Keystone Science School.

December — Year-end wrapup. All the key players in environmental protection, watershed protection, youth, communications and education, optimizing future forest conditions, understanding beetles and other forest pests, Forest Service, and more will be invited to the discussion.