Blue River Watershed Assessment – Brad Piehl

Forest Health Guide Review – Howard Hallman and Sandy Briggs

Attendees: 24
Participants included – Matt Sugar, representing Senator Udall; District Ranger Jan Cutts, USFS; Nissa Erickson, representing Congressman Jared Polis; Cary Green, USFS, East Zone Timber Manager for White River Nat’l Forest
Group discussion covered the following topics:
  1. Review and critique of the 2009 Forest Health Guide published by The Greenlands Reserve (Howard Hallman) and the Summit Daily News. Advertisers and contributors were on hand for the discussion. General consensus: the Guide reflects a higher quality and design than in previous years. 
  2. Update on In-School Education Program – Brad Piehl: Millie Hamner of the Summit County School District is helping to coordinate a forest health curriculum at Summit High and Middle Schools.
  3. Wood Utilization Update – Charisse Buckley of Full Circle Design Group spoke about the showroom they are putting together with Rich Dziomba at Farmers Corner. They will showcase blue-stain products/beetle-kill wood products. The facility will be the site of a grand opening event on Friday, May 29.
  4. Blue River Watershed Assessment by Brad Piehl of JW Associates, Breckenridge. The Blue River Watershed Assessment is a study and report designed to identify, prioritize, and recommend measures to protect local watersheds that provide or convey critical community water supplies from the adverse effects of post-wildfire hydrologic changes, including flooding, erosion, sediment deposition, and contaminants. The Blue River Watershed encompasses 436,000 acres, including all of Summit County and a portion of Grand County up to the confluence with the Colorado River at Kremmling. Project details may be found online at