Roundtable - November 2009

Cary Green commented on the Breckenridge Forest Health & Fuels project.
•        Project encompasses 5,700 acres of forest treatments that extend from Farmer’s Korner on the north to the Golden Horseshoe on the east, to Hoosier Pass on the south and along the base of the Ten Mile Range on the west over a period of five to ten years.

•        HOA’s will be allowed to conduct cross-boundary treatments.

•        Dillon Ranger District will host an open house from 4:00 t0 6:30 pm on Tuesday, November 17th at their Silverthorne HQ to answer questions about the project.

•        A public comment period extends through Friday, December 4th. A decision is expected by June 2010.

•        To read a detailed description of the proposed action, go to the White River National Forest website at

•        For additional information, you may contact Brett Crary at 970-827-5182 or Peech Keller at 970-262-3495.

Alan Wickert led a discussion about the effectiveness of spray and pheromone protocols in protecting lodgepole pine from bark beetle attacks. He is a representative of the Swan River Forest Restoration project, a cooperative venture between five HOAs, a private party, the Swan’s Nest Metro District, Summit County Open Space, Upper Blue Sanitation District Open Space and the US Forest Service.

• Seventy acres in a total area of about 400 acres has been treated, representing 65% of the project goal.
• About 7,000 lodgepole pine have been sprayed with a 3.8% carbaryl solution or installed with pheromone patches at a cost of $30,748 to date. An additional 12,000 trees were cut down and removed.
• These measures have successfully protected all of the treated trees.
• 5,730 trees and shrubs have been planted over 70 acres in the project area
• As of 9 September 2009, the project has benefited from 511 hours of volunteer labor.
• Those interested in drawing upon Alan’s expertise are encouraged to contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Jessica Clement described the Colorado Forest Restoration Institute’s commitment to supporting “place-based” forest health collaborations among government, non-governmental organizations and communities.
• CFRI, part of the Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University, was established through the Southwest Forest & Wildfire Prevention Act of 2004.
• CFRI furnishes free technical support and management expertise to groups interested in conducting forest health monitoring programs.
• The Uncompahgre Mesas Forest Restoration and Demonstration Project is an example of CFRI’s place-based citizen science outreach efforts.
• The UP Mesas project involves strategies to reduce hazardous fuels, restore stand conditions that favor optimal density, species composition and landscape structure, restore fire regimes and multiple use economic benefits.
• The task force will be considering rationales for a forest health monitoring program in Summit County as well as sources for funding oversight activities.
• For information about the CFRI, Click here: CFRI Home or contact Jessica Clement at 970-491-2104 and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Forest Energy Systems is hosting a public unveiling of its Osby P500 Biomass Boiler at 12 noon, Monday, November 16th at Mountain Parks Electric, 425 East Agate Avenue, Granby, which features tour speakers and a catered lunch. Call them at 970-724-9623 if you would like to participate.
Proposals for the HB09-1199 Colorado Community Forest Restoration and Watershed Protection Grant Program are due on Wednesday, December 2nd. Click here: Funding - Colorado State Forest Service - Colorado State University for details.