The meeting began with a presentation by Doug Young, an aide to Representatives Mark Udall regarding the Bark Beetle draft legislation. The Bill is scheduled to be introduced after the Thanksgiving break. The draft legislation will be changed by comments received by the congressman prior to being submitted prior to the final draft of the bill. Doug attended the meeting to solicit comments from the Summit Pine Beetle Task force. Most of the bill concerns administrative issues for the Forest Service. The bill is an amendment to the Healthy Forest Restoration Act.

Meeting Chair Sandy Briggs asked Doug where the money was coming from to implement the additional costs of the bill. Doug Young replied that the budget for the bill 5 million a year for five years would come from the Federal portion off onshore oil and gas development leasing royalties. The money would be available to communities with local wildfire plans in the Rocky Mountain region. 
Don Parsons asked how the will streamline the bureaucracy and also keep the timber industry from huge logging increases. Doug Young answered under the bill, that when a beetle emergency is declared local communities with wildfire plans could invoke categorical inclusions to cut trees with in wildfire plans. 
Cary Green of the Forest Service made several points. First, Forest Service surveys are required to move forward.  Rules and regulations required consultations with other agencies prior to allowing tree removal.  Next the bill provides the categorical exclusions only for areas with the condition class 2 or 3. Summit county which is in condition class 1 would not be included. Also, stewardship contracts is just one tool and FS should not be required to use. Value of timber for contractor questionable for Colorado timber over the long term. 
There was a discussion of a possible $1 fee per lift ticket to help raise money for local communities with cost share agreements so money collected remains in county. 
Section 3: priority grants for biomass generator, applicants must acquire material before getting grant. Could this be changed?
Authority to declare Beetle Emergency- Governor to request from Forest Service.
How can we balance the concerns that allows rapid response with out over running the existing layers of jurisdiction? 
Forest Service website for HFRA.
Forest service can initiate projects in local communities to help abate wildfire danger with in the community wildfire plan using categorical exclusions form NEPA. 
Good Neighbor policy Forest Service still has to go through process to thin trees next to private property. 
Carly Weir: Big Horn Center for Public Policy
Carly’s team wrote a proposal for the state legislature to take funds from Energy Severance Tax Trust Fund. Create pool of money $5m year for 5 years. Available for grants for communities with CWFP. Partnerships with local org, and governments and private business. 
One project could be funded for $1M. Help stimulate market because value of trees is limited and transportation cost is high. 
Get info about County Fire Protection plan from Steve Hill.
Discussion of Homeowner Association efforts to mitigate fire danger. Frustration expressed in attempts to work with forest service to thin areas near homes 200 foot fire mitigation set back. Does WFPP give communities more power to protect homes. Forest Service does not have manpower for studies, to permit tree removal EIS to do tree removal. Exempted in amendment. Pat Torme hired consultants to walk the line around her property to asses wild fire danger on her property.