Bob French, County Commissioner, discussed the possibility of obtaining Legal Easement Contracts to go on public land to remove trees on private property. 
Dan Gibbs, from Representative Udall’s, office discussed several of the issues facing Bark Beetle infestations. Included were the inadequate supply of long term timber to attract the timber industry to the area, cost of shipping timber to mills, use for lumber from trees for other than 2 x 4s, lack of funding for Healthy Forrest Restoration Act and the long term effects on watersheds. Possible solutions include Stewardship contracts offered by the US Forrest Service, long term contracts, trading goods for services, and creating tax incentives to help with transportation and disposal of wood.  
Rick Newton, District Ranger for the US Forest Service, voiced several of the issues from his perspective. The need to set up contractors to service large areas by combining forest service land with private owners by involving HOAs in obtaining permission from homeowners to allow access to their property. He stressed the need for a “good neighbor authority” and the creation of a “How to Guide for Homeowners.”  A committee was formed to work on this guide.  
Carly Weir talked about her involvement with the Big Horn Center for Public Policy. Her team is working on a proposal that would fund the state to issue grants to groups and individuals to fight beetles and remove and dispose of dead trees. Funds would come from the gas severance tax and be available to communities with a Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  
Additional Topics discussed at this meeting were: 
Wood Disposal 
Use of Biomass Facility
Chipping wood for use in compost
Cost in transporting wood.