Wildifre Checklist - Are YOU Ready?

What do you need to do to prepare yourself and your home for wildfire? Read or PRINT our Wildfire Checklist Below:

  • We (my family and I) have completed a checklist of what to take in case of wildfire evacuation
  • We have an easily accessible list of emergency agency e-mails/phone numbers
  • We have copies of vital documents stored on the internet cloud or on a disk stored in a safe deposit box (not kept in a “fire-proof” box in our home)
  • Our evacuation vehicle is in good condition with sufficient fuel for any traffic jams
  • We are familiar with evacuation roads from our ranch or neighborhood
  • We have made provisions to take care of animals and pets
  • We have a prepared a sign to identify to emergency personnel the presence or absence of any animals on our property and their location
  • We have a place to stay in case of extended evacuation
  • We confirmed that there is adequate water to fight wildfires in our neighborhood or locale
  • We have created defensible space around our home/property to reduce wildfire hazard
  • We have removed ignition sources next to our home and other structures
  • We know our neighbors and can communicate with them in case of wildfire
  • We have been inspected by the local fire district to identify ignition sources, highly flammable materials, and fire hazard
  • We have replaced highly flammable features on and in our home and other structures
  • We have educated ourselves about wildfire behavior
  • We have educated family members, guests, and employees about wildfire behavior
  • We have determined that our ingress and egress is adequate to allow us to evacuate and for emergency personnel to access our property in case of wildfire
  • We have adequate insurance to replace our home, property, and other possessions in case of wildfire; and have confirmed our coverage with our agent
  • We have photographs of our valuables stored at a safe location away from our home
  • Our homebuilder or renovation contractor has incorporated all reasonable wildfire protection measures into their construction designs
  • We understand what services and assistance is available to us during and after a major wildfire event, and know how to access service agencies and non-profits
  • We are prepared to sacrifice everything else to save ourselves, our family, our neighbors, and our friends