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Colorado Water and Wildfires

Colorado Water Quality Concerns Linger Long after the smoke clears

CSFS HB-1199 2009-2016 Report

CSFS HB-1199 2009-2016 Report Read the

Healthy Forests and Vibrant Communities-2016 CSFS Report

Government shutdown to have various effects on Northwest Colorado

Steamboat Today (10/1/13) Craig — The federal government has shut down, and although Washington, D.C., is almost 2,000 miles away, people are feeling the effects right here in Northwest Colorado. While emergency services still will be in operation under a government shutdown, the Bureau of Land Management and Dinosaur Monument essentially have closed down. The BLM will be working with a skeletal staff, and Dinosaur National Monument will be closed. READ MORE

Wildfire Frequency Patterns Show That Blazes Could Double By 2050

Huff Post (9/11/13) Yosemite National Park's Rim Fire dashed the plans of many campers over Labor Day weekend. The iconic views of Half Dome and Yosemite Valley's sheer granite walls disappeared behind a sudden influx of thick smoke the night of Aug. 30, just before most visitors arrived for the holiday. The air quality was deemed to be unhealthy for outdoor activities, according to California air quality officials. Smoke from the still-burning fire continues to cause unhealthy air quality levels for sensitive people in nearby cities, such as Fresno, Calif. READ MORE

A new collaboration has Idaho ranchers and the BLM fighting fire together

A new collaboration has Idaho ranchers and the BLM fighting fire together (High Country News, April 29, 2013)

Outdoor Enthusiasts Rally in Support of Public Lands

Public Lands

Wildand Fire Management Futures

Wildand Fire Management Futures- Insights from a Foresight Panel READ MORE

Task force reveals recommendations to reduce risk of losing homes in wildfire-prone areas (9/30/13) DENVER - About one million homeowners in Colorado could be asked to pay an additional fee for living in a high wildfire-risk area. The Wildfire Insurance and Forest Health Task Force presented its recommendations to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Monday afternoon. The task force was created to identify ways to reduce the risk of loss in wildland-urban interface areas. The Colorado State Forest Service defines a wildland-urban interface area as an area where man-made improvements are built close to natural terrain and flammable vegetation and a high potential for wildfires exists.... READ MORE

Udall tells Forest Service to override air tanker protest

CHEYENNE, WYO. — Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado called on the U.S. Forest Service on Friday to make certain that a contract dispute doesn't ground large air tankers used to fight wildfires as warmer, drier weather boosts the risk of destructive blazes.

The move came after Neptune Aviation formally protested national firefighting contracts awarded May 6 by the Forest Service.

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Colorado State University Names Mike Lester New State Forester

(Courtesy of CSU News and Information, Public Relations)

FORT COLLINS - Colorado State University today named Mike Lester the new state forester and director of the Colorado State Forest Service. As state forester, Lester will lead the CSFS to provide for the protection of Colorado's forest resources; ensure forestry education, outreach and technical assistance to private landowners; and carry out the duties of the Division of Forestry within the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.

The CSFS is a service and outreach agency of Colorado State University, and provides landowners with technical forestry assistance and outreach via 17 district offices located throughout Colorado.